Wipro Dividend History

In this post, we provide a Wipro Dividend history. How many times does Wipro give dividends to shareholders? Dividend history of Wipro.

Wipro is a company based in India that offers IT, consulting, and business process services.

Wipro Dividend History

Wipro Dividend History Table

Ex-DateDividend PaymentDividend Class
Jan. 24, 20231.00INTERIM
April 5, 20225.00INTERIM
Jan. 21, 20221.00INTERIM
Jan. 22, 20211.00INTERIM
Jan. 24, 20201.00INTERIM
Jan. 29, 20191.00INTERIM
Jan. 31, 20181.00INTERIM
Feb. 2, 20172.00INTERIM
July 11, 20161.00FINAL
Jan. 25, 20165.00INTERIM
July 20, 20157.00FINAL
Jan. 22, 20155.00INTERIM
July 21, 20145.00FINAL
Jan. 22, 20143.00INTERIM
June 27, 20135.00FINAL
Jan. 23, 20132.00INTERIM
June 28, 20124.00FINAL
Jan. 24, 20122.00INTERIM
June 29, 20114.00FINAL
Jan. 27, 20112.00INTERIM
June 15, 20106.00FINAL
June 29, 20094.00FINAL
June 27, 20084.00FINAL
Oct. 25, 20072.00INTERIM
June 28, 20071.00FINAL
March 26, 20075.00INTERIM
June 29, 20065.00FINAL
June 29, 20055.00FINAL
May 6, 200429.00FINAL
July 1, 20031.00FINAL
June 28, 20021.00FINAL
June 18, 20010.50FINAL
May 8, 20000.30INTERIM
Dividend History of Wipro

After 2001 Wipro declared 33 dividends. Over the past year, Wipro has announced a dividend of 1rupees per equity share.

Wipro announces dividends every year after 2000 for shareholders. The company have a good track record in dividend paying.

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In 2023 Wipro declared 1 dividend on 24 Jan rate of 1 rupees.

About Wipro company

Wipro is an Indian multinational corporation that provides information technology (IT), consulting, and business process services. Azim Premji established Western India Palm Refined Oil Limited (WIPROL) in 1945, primarily focusing on the production of vegetable oils. As time passed, the company expanded into different industries and now stands as one of India’s top IT services providers.

key fundamentals of Wipro:

  1. Revenue: Wipro’s revenue is a crucial indicator of its financial performance. It reflects the company’s ability to generate income from its various business segments, including IT services, consulting, and other offerings.
  2. Profitability: It is crucial to utilize profitability metrics like operating profit margin and net profit margin. These metrics show how efficiently Wipro is able to convert its revenue into profits after accounting for operating expenses, taxes, and other costs.
  3. Growth: Revenue growth is an important fundamental. It indicates whether Wipro is expanding its business and capturing new opportunities in the market.
  4. Earnings Per Share (EPS): EPS is the portion of a company’s profit allocated to each outstanding share of common stock. It is a key metric for investors as it shows the company’s ability to generate earnings for its shareholders.
  5. Dividends: Dividend payments can be an important factor for income-oriented investors. Companies that consistently pay dividends demonstrate financial stability and a commitment to returning value to shareholders.
  6. Balance Sheet Strength: A strong balance sheet is indicative of financial stability.
  7. Cash Flow: Positive cash flow is crucial for a company’s sustainability. Operating cash flow indicates whether the company can generate cash from its core operations to cover expenses and investments.
  8. Market Capitalization: Market capitalization is the total market value of a company’s outstanding shares of stock. It is an indicator of the company’s size and is often used to classify companies as large-cap, mid-cap, or small-cap.
  9. Competitive Position: Wipro’s competitive position within the IT services industry is important.
  10. Management Team: The leadership team’s experience and track record are important. Investors often consider the effectiveness and vision of the management in executing the company’s strategy.

Question and Answer about Wipro Dividend

When Wipro dividend will be paid in 2023?

In 2023 Wipro declared 1 dividend on 24 Jan rate of 1 rupees.

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Does Wipro give good dividends?

After 2001 Wipro declared 33 dividends. Over the past year, Wipro has announced a dividend of 1rupees per equity share.


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