Dividend: The government company gives a ₹4.50 dividend to shareholders

Govt. Own REC Company declared a dividend for shareholders. REC is a Maharatna Central Public Sector Undertaking under the Ministry of Power.

REC Dividend

REC Dividend Details

Rural Electrification Corporation (REC), a government-owned company, has declared an interim dividend of 4.50 rupees per share for the year 2024.

The record date for the dividend has been set as March 28, 2024. Shareholders registered on this date will be eligible to receive the dividend payment.

According to REC’s official statement, the interim dividend payment is scheduled to be paid on or before April 17, 2024. Shareholders can expect to receive their dividend payments within this timeframe.

This dividend declaration underscores REC’s strong financial performance and its commitment to rewarding its shareholders.

Share performance and returns:

  1. 52-Week High and Low:
    • The 52-week high price of REC shares on BSE stands at Rs 524.00 per share.
    • Conversely, the 52-week low price is noted at Rs 113.15 per share.
  2. Market Capitalization:
    • REC commands a marked market capitalization of Rs 1,12,859.98 crore.
  3. Short-Term Performance:
    • In the short term, REC shares witnessed a decline of 11.22%.
    • Over the last month, REC shares fell by 8.30%.
  4. Mid to Long-Term Returns:
    • Despite short-term fluctuations, REC shares have delivered remarkable returns over longer periods.
    • Over the past six months, REC shares have provided investors with a notable return of 71%.
    • The one-year performance is particularly striking, with REC shares soaring by an impressive 262%, reflecting significant value appreciation for shareholders.
    • Over two years, REC shares gained a substantial 354%, consolidating its position as a lucrative investment option.
    • Looking back over five years, REC shares have gained 285%, further underlining its potential for long-term wealth creation.

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