Berger Paints Bonus History

In this post, we provide Berger Paints Bonus History. How many times does Berger Paints give bonus shares to its shareholders?

Berger Paints bonus shares history. Does Berger Paints give a bonus share in 2023?

Berger Paints Bonus History

Berger Paints Bonus Shares History

YearBonus Ratio
Sept. 22, 20231:5
July 15, 20162:5
Oct. 12, 20063:5
March 24, 20041:2

Berger Paints has given out 4 bonus shares in its history. The company announced its first bonus in 2004 with a ratio of 1:2, its second bonus in 2006 with a ratio of 3:5, its third in 2016 with a ratio of 2:5, and its fourth in 2023 with a ratio of 1:5.

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After 2004, Berger Paints gave 4 bonus shares to its shareholders. Berger Paints announced a bonus in 2023 with a ratio of 1:5.

About Berger Paints Company

Berger Paints India Limited is one of the largest paint companies in India and is a subsidiary of the Berger Paints Group, which is based in the United Kingdom. The company is headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Berger Paints is known for manufacturing and marketing a wide range of decorative and industrial paints.

Key information about Berger Paints India Limited:

  1. History: Berger Paints India Limited was founded in 1923. The company changed its name from Hadfield’s (India) Limited to Berger Paints India Limited.
  2. Products and Services:
    • Decorative Paints: This category includes interior and exterior wall paints, enamels, wood coatings, and more.
    • Industrial Paints: Industries use these paints for protection, automotive, and powder coatings.
    • Marine and Protective Coatings: specialised coatings for marine vessels, tanks, and industrial equipment
    • Construction Chemicals: These include products like waterproofing solutions, adhesives, grouts, etc.
  3. Financial Information: For the most up-to-date financial information, you should refer to the latest financial reports or visit the official website of Berger Paints India Limited.

Question and Answer about Berger Paints Bonus

Is Berger Paints giving bonus shares?

Yes, Berger Paints announced a bonus in 2023 with a ratio of 1:5.

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What is the bonus ratio of Berger Paints?

Berger Paints announces a bonus share with a ratio of 1:5.

Is there a bonus in Berger Paints 2023?

Yes, Berger Paints announced a bonus in 2023 with a ratio of 1:5.

Which stock will give a bonus share in 2023?

Berger Paints announced a bonus in 2023 with a ratio of 1:5.


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