BEL Dividend History

In this post, we provide a Dividend history of BEL. How many times does BEL give dividends to shareholders? BEL Dividend history.

Bharat Electronics Dividend History. BEL Dividend from 2001 to 2023. The company have a good track record of dividend.

 BEL  dividend History

Bharat Electronics (BEL) Share Dividend Table

Ex-DateDividend PaymentDividend Class
Aug. 17, 20230.60FINAL
March 24, 20230.60INTERIM
Feb. 10, 20230.60INTERIM
Aug. 8, 20221.50FINAL
March 24, 20221.50INTERIM
Feb. 9, 20221.50INTERIM
Sept. 14, 20211.20FINAL
March 23, 20211.40INTERIM
Feb. 8, 20211.40INTERIM
Sept. 15, 20201.40FINAL
Feb. 11, 20201.40INTERIM
Aug. 20, 20191.70FINAL
March 27, 20190.70INTERIM
March 19, 20190.70INTERIM
Feb. 8, 20190.30INTERIM
Aug. 20, 20180.40FINAL
Feb. 8, 20181.60INTERIM
Aug. 14, 20171.05FINAL
March 29, 20170.90INTERIM
Feb. 2, 20173.00INTERIM
Aug. 18, 201614.50FINAL
Feb. 4, 20162.50INTERIM
Aug. 10, 201523.20FINAL
Jan. 28, 20156.00INTERIM
Sept. 12, 201417.30FINAL
Jan. 29, 20146.00INTERIM
Sept. 6, 201316.30FINAL
Jan. 30, 20136.00INTERIM
Sept. 7, 201210.80FINAL
Feb. 1, 201210.00INTERIM
Sept. 13, 201115.60FINAL
Feb. 2, 20116.00INTERIM
Sept. 13, 201013.20FINAL
Feb. 3, 20106.00INTERIM
Sept. 14, 200912.70FINAL
Jan. 28, 20096.00INTERIM
Sept. 12, 200814.70FINAL
Jan. 30, 20086.00INTERIM
Sept. 7, 200714.00FINAL
Jan. 25, 20074.00INTERIM
Sept. 1, 200610.60FINAL
Oct. 31, 20054.00INTERIM
Aug. 31, 20057.20FINAL
Dec. 7, 20044.00INTERIM
Sept. 7, 200410.00FINAL
Aug. 29, 20037.00FINAL
Sept. 12, 20020.00FINAL
Aug. 27, 20010.00FINAL

After 2001 BEL declared 48 dividends. Over the past year, BEL has announced a dividend of 1.80 rupees per equity share.

BEL announces dividends every year after 2001 for shareholders. In 2023 BEL declared 3 times dividends first on 10 Feb rate of 0.60 rupees, Second on 24 March rate of 0.60 rupees and third on 17 Aug rate of 0.60 rupees.

About BEL Company

Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) is a government-owned aerospace and defence company headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. The company was started in the year 1954. The company is essential to India’s defence and aerospace industries, and it specializes in creating, developing, producing, and delivering a vast selection of advanced electronic equipment and systems.

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key fundamentals of BEL:

  1. Founding and History: BEL was founded in 1954 and is headquartered in Bengaluru, India. It was established to meet the specialized electronic equipment requirements of the Indian Defense Services.
  2. Business Focus: BEL primarily focuses on the design, development, manufacture, and supply of advanced electronic systems and products for the defence, aerospace, and civilian sectors. Their product range includes radars, communication equipment, missile systems, naval systems, electronic warfare systems, and more.
  3. Ownership: BEL is a public sector undertaking (PSU) and is under the ownership of the Indian government. It is managed by the Ministry of Defence, Government of India.
  4. Research and Development: BEL invests in research and development (R&D) activities to stay at the forefront of technology in defence and electronics. They collaborate with various research organizations and institutions.
  5. Manufacturing Facilities: The company has several manufacturing units and research and development centres across India, ensuring a robust supply chain and indigenous production capabilities.
  6. Exports: BEL exports its products and services to various countries, contributing to India’s defence and electronics exports.
  7. Awards and Recognitions: Over the years, BEL has received numerous awards and recognitions for its contributions to the Indian defence and electronics sectors.

Question And Anwer About BEL Dividend

Is there any dividend declared by Bel?

In 2023 BEL declared 3 times dividends first on 10 Feb rate of 0.60 rupees, Second on 24 March rate of 0.60 rupees and third on 17 Aug rate of 0.60 rupees.

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What is the dividend of BEL share in 2023?

In 2023 BEL declared 3 times dividends first on 10 Feb rate of 0.60 rupees, Second on 24 March rate of 0.60 rupees and third on 17 Aug rate of 0.60 rupees

BEL Dividend History

After 2001 BEL declared 48 dividends.


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