Adani Group Shares in Focus: An Updated Report

On Monday, Adani Group Companies will be in focus for many reasons. After Hindenburg and OCCRP report, Adani Group companies shares are falling day by day.

Adani Group in Focus
Adani Group Shares in Focus:

Reasons Behind Adani Group Stock in Focus:

In Adani Ports, promoters raised their stake by 2.17% on the dates of August 14 and September 8. The total stake of the promoter in this company is 65.23%.

Likely, Promters increased their stake in Adani Enterprises by 2.6% on August 21 and September 7. At this time, the promoters own 71.93% of the company.

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Adani Group and Kowa Holdings run a joint venture for the sale of Green Ammonia and Hydrogen. Adani Group and Kowa Holdings are 50-50 partners in the joint venture.

Adani Group shares are recovering from the effects of Hindenburg and OCCRP reports. Compared to pre-Hindenburg levels, the stock price of Adani Ports is higher.

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